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Meet the Hands On Health Staff

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Tara Ellacott

Tara- Office Manger

“Working in a wellness centre is one of the most fulfilling places of employment I have been able to experience. Every day I truly feel joy as I watch practice members reach goals in health and set new standards for themselves as they come to realize what can happen with body/mind connectivity. I can only smile when I think of the times when in one chair sits a spunky 90 year old dynamite and next to her is a new mom cradling her tiny bundle awaiting his first adjustment. Chiropractic is amazing! And while some do walk thru our doors purely because they feel pain, when people realize that chiropractic is actually about a balanced nervous system, they then are able to experience the health and energy that chiropractic brings. Personally, I used to suffer from migraines, neck and shoulder pain and poor sleep patterns with many nights of insomnia due to anxiety. Chiropractic helps me manage the daily stress we all are burdened with. I sleep better, work better, think clearly and creatively.  I feel focused on being the best version of myself for my three amazing children and for my best friend, my husband Andrew.”
Tara is the Office Manager here at Hands on Health. Her family has recently relocated to Toronto. She was born and raised in Kitchener Ontario and has a background in Real Estate. Her previous experience at a chiropractic office in Waterloo provided the groundwork for her passion for chiropractic. Tara is a strong advocate of making informed health care choices for your family and she will ensure that your experience at Hands On Health is as uplifting and professional as possible.
Renée had never experienced chiropractic care before working with Hands On Health and her views on wellness and prevention will never be the same! She has learned and witnessed the value of chiropractic and can’t imagine a world without it. Personally, she has experienced better sleep, less stress and better posture to name a few of the many benefits. 

Renee Hache

She hails from the east coast and left Nova Scotia with dreams of becoming an actor. After years in a classical conservatory, then out in the biz, she decided to change gears and focus on her true passion – health. You can find her voraciously reading anything on the subject and is so thrilled to be a part of something that she believes in. Renée has been truly inspired by this new community of health advocates and as of September 2016 will be pursuing holistic nutrition outside of her regular HOH hours.

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