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Fee Schedule & Financial Policy


Fee Schedule for Chiropractic
(>13 years)
(0-12 years)
Pregnancy Care
(3rd Trimester)
Adjustment Visit $55 $55 $65
New Patient Appointment $125 $125 $125
Return to Care Assessment (>6 months our of care)
INCLUDES Chiropractic Adjustment
$75 $75 $85
Gait Analysis &
Orthotic Fitting
$50 $50 $50

*New Patient Examination Includes:

  • Health History
  • Spinal Examination
  • Complete Report-of-Findings with the doctor.


Registered Massage Therapy Fee Schedule (taxes included)
45 minutes WITHOUT Acupuncture $110
45 minutes WITH Acupuncture $120
60 minutes WITHOUT Acupuncture $135
90 minutes WITH Acupuncture $145
Please note that we request that the first session be a minimum of 60 minutes as it will consist of paperwork and a detailed discussion of your health concern making your hands-on treatment less than the full time.

We sincerely appreciate you choosing us as your family wellness chiropractors! Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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