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Reviews for Hands On Health Family Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say . . .

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Hands on Health Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Good Health,
Dr. Stacey Farquhar

  • I’ve been very happy and pleasantly surprised with the level of information about the “why” and “what” of what we’re doing during my appointments. I was very impressed with the depth my initial assessment report went into about my treatment plan and what we are looking to correct.
    -Michael D.
  • Super friendly environment.
    -Carlos A.
  • Everyone seems to genuinely care about their patients. I felt comfortable and welcome right away.
    -Michaela H.
  • Thanks for the progress we’ve made so far!
    -Rolf M.
  • I am very impressed with the clinic. It has a feeling of calmness, the staff are friendly and the practitioners are wonderful! Knowledgeable, understanding and kind.
    -Mia K.
  • Amazing bedside manners, compassion and communication. Very optimistic that Dr. Stacey will be able to help me with my recovery and healing
    -Eden M.
  • Thank you so much for your expertise and care.
    -Tara M.
  • Very knowledgeable and professional! Practitioners make you feel comfortable and confident about your treatment plan. Would recommend!
    -Cynthia B.
  • Kelly and Vanessa have been excellent. I was in rough shape at my first visit and Kelly really helped relieve a lot of the pain. Great practice!
    -Steve J.
  • Overall an amazing experience!
    -Marissa F.
  • Very impressed. Glad that I was referred. I finally will get the help I need and start enjoying life without pain again.
    -Robert M.
  • Nicole was very sweet, helpful, and gave great advice. I would definitely recommend Nicole to others.
    -Tetyana I.
  • Nicole is a caring practitioner who listens to her patients. She quickly put me at ease and so far my sessions have had a positive impact on both my mental and physical health in my journey to improve my lower back pain and sedentary lifestyle.
    -Edem K.

    The moment I walked into the Hands On Health Center I was embraced with such a welcoming atmosphere and attitude! Vanesa’s friendly, outgoing and hospitable demeanour made me feel comfortable and relaxed before my first appointment. Dr. Nicole meticulously gathered all the details of my case and explained what she thinks caused my pain and provided step by step explanation to what she is going to do in terms of treatment. That made me feel like I’m in the right hands! I was very pleased with the results and felt a relief right after the adjustments she made; I was happy to feel significant improvement after my second visit.

    -Julia P.
  • Great experience! I feel Dr Matt is very hands on helping me with overall lifestyle change.
    -Michael C.
  • Best chiropractor I have ever seen! Things are getting better after first adjustment!
    -Sori J.

I'm Happy

It's the first time that a chiropractor took the time to explain the intricate working of the body and left me with a detailed handout. I'm happy when health practitioners take full-body approach. Unfortunately, it's still rare but you'll find it at Hands on Health.

Beata S.

I'm So Pleased

While searching for a chiropractor, I came across Hands on Health and their positive reviews encouraged me to reach out for my first appointment. From the moment I walked in the door, I felt welcomed and the staff were pleasant and professional. Dr. Nicole took her time to get to know me and educate me on chiropractic. She thoroughly completed an assessment and collaborated with me to set goals that will improve my overall health. I'm so pleased I have started my chiropractic care journey and after twice-weekly appointments for approximately one month, I am already beginning to feel and see much relief.

Breeanna G.

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with Dr. Garofolo's skills and knowledge in the chiropractic practice. I appreciate his professionalism in making me feel comfortable as well as his honesty with the diagnosis. My family members have future appointments with Dr. Garofolo. Thank you for your assistance in maintaining the alignment of my spine.

Alicia G.

Amazing Experience

Amazing experience! Looking forward to be under Dr.Stacey's care.

Whei O.

I Loved my First Appointment

I loved my first appointment and for sure I will recommend it to my friends. I'm very excited to have Dr. Stacey Farquhar as my chiropractor during my pregnancy.

Rafaela R.

Excited to Start the Healing Journey

I'm really impressed with the overall experience at Hands On Health Family Chiropractic, right from Vanessa at reception, she resonates with capability, kindness and optimal health to the healing interaction with Dr. Stacey, who is a powerhouse of wisdom, healing, intuitive solutioning and generosity. I'm really excited to start the chiropractic total healing journey to being the best version of myself.

Lynda N.

Looking Forward to Helping Me with Back Pain

I was very trepidatious as this was my first ever visit with a chiropractor. As soon as I walked in my anxiousness was alleviated by how welcoming the office is set up as well as Vanessa at the front desk. Dr. Stacey explained everything to me and was extremely thorough. My fear is gone and I am looking forward to having Hands On Health Family Chiropractic on this journey to help me with my back pain

Patricia M.

Always Makes Me Feel Comfortable

I haven't always liked chiropractic care, but Dr. Matt did a great job explaining things, not just adjusting and that always makes me feel more comfortable. Great job. Had some immediate results and ongoing hoping more issues are resolved.

Roman D.

Very Knowledgeable

Dr. Farquhar is very knowledgeable and adjusts well. She instantly established a positive rapport with my daughter. Thank you for your help.

Selma O.


The team at Hands on Health are amazing! It's a family friendly environment with toys for the kids, water for waiting and a comfortable air conditioned space. Stacey and Matt are a great husband and wife team that specialize in pregnancy and family chiropractic care. I even got my husband in for some appointments and plan on bringing our newborn :).

Cat V.

Thank You So Much!

I have experienced the first relief in years from chronic pain and back pain in less than two weeks of visits and am so grateful. Furthermore, the thoroughness of the exam and my issues was really astounding along with being extremely informative. I feel an ease and vitality in my body I have not experienced in years. Thank you so much!

Greg G.

Peaceful & Professional Atmosphere

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the family friendly atmosphere and the way Dr. Stacey treats me as a whole person and not just as a spine. I walked in the door and immediately felt at ease with the peaceful, professional environment that is also set up perfectly for parents to bring their children. I am so glad I switched chiropractors and I've only just started!

Justine B.

Established Positive Rapport

Dr. Farquhar is very knowledgeable and adjusts well. She instantly established a positive rapport with my daughter. Thank you for your help.

Selma O.


Keep doing what you are doing. Service and professionalism were excellent and I will be coming on a regular basis.

Carolyn C.

Great Chiropractic Care

Dr. Matt was very respectful and helpful when explaining the problems occurring within my body and what I can do myself to help with it. Made the effort to get to know me and seemed genuinely excited to help me get through this. Highly recommend Hands on Health to anybody looking for great chiropractic care and a friendly, enlightening experience.

Jordan D.

Helping Baby Discomfort

Thank you, Dr. Stacey! I was feeling quite lost and it was heartbreaking to see our baby in such discomfort. I felt supported and that the care was genuine. I wish I had come earlier instead of letting my postpartum anxiety build up. Thank you so much for the effort and we will continue to come for treatment - physical and mental.

Karen for Jacob K.

Highly Effective

Highly effective and informative chiropractor. Goes the extra mile in follow up and education. Exceeded my expectations.

Paul P.

Great Experience

Great experience, everyone was very helpful.

Jessica C.

Amazing Super Friendly People

Amazing and super friendly people. I was a ball of misery, and the patience and kindness shown was incredible. I was recommended, and I will definitely recommend Hands on Health as the best.

Nikisha M.

Fantastic Energy

Dr. Stacey has a fantastic energy. She's been a great help not just with my chiropractic adjustments, but also with other suggestions to help me stay healthy and happy. I'm very happy to have her input.

Kirsten C.


Dr. Stacey understands my needs and aims to help me with my issues at hand. She is very professional and very helpful.

Gabrielle B.

Welcoming Environment

Very welcoming environment.

Nicole H.

Love This Place

I love this place! You feel like family with every one there!

Amanda R.

Knowledgeable Staff

Professional, dedicated, and knowledgeable staff.

Karen L.

Taking Care Of The Whole Body

I was pleased to learn that chiropractors take care of all aspects of the body, emotional and physical. I did not expect that. So I am hopeful that I can be helped.

Nicole T.


The chiropractor is very knowledgeable and really put me at ease and reassured me that she would be able to help my condition.

Mirella C.

The Best

You are the best. Thank you for helping Olivia be the happy baby she was meant to be!

Maria A.

Warmth And Compassion

Upon my first visit I was greeted with warmth and compassion. Their holistic approach to healing the body and their clear explanation of how it can be achieved filled me with the confidence I needed. I am looking forward to my journey toward a happier spine and overall being at Hands on Health.

Heather S.

Friendly Environment

It's a very friendly environment. You feel cared for as soon as you walk in the door. The teas, water, aromatherapy show you care. And the staff and Stacy are accommodating and warm.

Christine G.

I definitely will continue visits

I want to say from my initial assessment and the subsequent visits, I cannot say enough about how professional, caring and very accurate I found it to be. When I arrived for that second visit I was so anxious to find out if my specific pain problem could be helped and I am very grateful my pain and numbness were relieved. I was so elated when I walked out of the office I could not have hoped for a better result. I definitely will continue the visits.

Andrew M.

I've seen all types of doctors and practitioners for my injury

She is the best chiropractor I have seen in my many years of dealing with a chronically painful back. I have been to many practitioners - chiropractors, physiotherapists, traditional allopathic doctors, acupuncturists - with little improvement. Her approach, manner and expertise is the only thing that has made a difference and set me on the path to healing.Show More

She has an incredibly warm nature and her empathy radiates from her. You can tell she really cares and her warmth and attentive manner help to make you instantly relaxed. She asks detailed questions and really gets to the root of the problem. She was the only chiropractor in over a decade of treatment to get to the real source of my injured back.

She marries this incredible bedside manner with a rigorously investigative approach. She is on top off all the most current research and takes the time to continually read and to upgrade her already considerable skills and knowledge base. My back pain was debilitating and disabling. I was not living my full life. she has changed that and set me on a new path to pain-free wellness. You're in good - and healing - hands. I can not recommend her highly enough.

Willow B.

The "light at the end of the tunnel"!

I left my first appointment with Dr. Matt feeling VERY positive and hopeful about the mandatory and necessary change in my life from here on out. I think it can be easy to fall into a rut, and feel like things are never going to get better. Meeting with Dr.Matt made me finally feel that 'light at the end of the tunnel'.Show More

I am looking forward to the journey ahead: to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and fixing my spine and back problems with long term lifestyle-change results.

It's obvious that Dr. Matt knows what he is talking about and doing, and that he genuinely cares about the well being of others. From my end, his passion for promoting and implementing healthy lifestyle makes it clear that this is much more than a job to him. That is a comforting, and positive feeling when you're the patient. Authenticity is important to me in all aspects of my life.

Love the facility! Everything from the welcoming staff, accommodating waiting area with tea, water, magazines, comfy chairs etc, to the warm colours in interior design. As soon as you walk in the door there is a 'homey' ambiance and feeling.
I wouldn't even hesitate recommending Hands on Health, and have already been singing your praises on Facebook.

All that...after 2 visits. I think you're all doing something right. Thanks for everything, and I'll see you soon!

-Meghan W.

A Highly Embarrassing and Uncomfortable Condition

Dr. Farquhar is a wonderful, caring, and absolutely talented healer. She has a ‘magic touch' because I know that I have walked out of each session feeling lighter and energized. Even more than this though, she has helped me overcome a highly embarrassing and uncomfortable condition that I have lived with for the past 8 years or so. Show More

This condition was an uncontrollable itch in my vagina that would only occur at bedtime. I never thought it would go away and was at the point of simply accepting it as a part of my life. I consulted many doctors on this issue and after numerous tests the doctors still could not tell me the cause. During one consultation I was prescribed an anti-fungal pill which was just around the time I started chiropractic care.

At the time I believed that it was this pill that must have cured me but I consulted yet another doctor and she assured me it was not the pill that helped me because I was simply not tested positive for yeast. She couldn't believe this condition just went away. Since I made no other changes in my life except going to Dr. Farquhar this appears to be the only explanation to this miracle. So thank you Dr. Farquhar!

-Carolyn (27), Toronto

My Mother Suggested I See A Chiropractor...

After months of headaches, neck pains, fatigue, feeling depressed, and not being able to get a good nights sleep, I was convinced that I was going to live the rest of my life having these problems. Making numerous trips to numerous doctors, not one giving me the glimpse of hope that I needed, it began making my quest for getting better even more impossible and unlikely. That was until my mother suggested to see a chiropractor. Show More

At first I saw no point. If no doctor was able to help me, what would a chiropractor do? Dr. Gallo did just that. From the moment we were acquainted, Dr. Gallo has had a positive outlook instantly making me feel comfortable. She has made an incredible difference in my life.

I am no longer suffering from headaches, I have an incredible amount of energy, I sleep like a normal nineteen year old should, and as a bonus, my posture is even improving. She has taught me so much about the holistic approach to health and given me many pointers on removing stress out of my life. She has not only given me hope but reassurance that everything will be okay. I never expected such amazing and quick results and because of her, I can have my life back.

Thank you for making the difference and making every patient count!

-Lisa B.

My Love Affair with Chiropractic

I first decided to give chiropractic care a try following a girlfriends' persistent recommendation. I was in my second trimester of pregnancy and starting to experience "common" pregnancy discomforts, such as sacrum pain, backaches & pelvic discomfort. As many other uninformed individuals, I remained on the fence regarding whether or not I believed in the power of chiropractic. That's when I met Dr. Stacey Farquhar at our pre-natal yoga class.Show More

Within one week, I was in her clinic and soon found out that my symptoms were not at all new ailments but rather subluxations manifesting from many years of built up traumas & imbalances. I made an immediate commitment to work with Dr. Stacey on regaining balance in my mind, body and spirit. Although permanent physical results were not obvious until my third or fourth week of treatment, the emotional benefits were evident immediately. I could not relate to many women's testimonials of raging pregnancy hormones, mood swings and hyper-emotional states of mind. Instead, I felt a calming confidence and stable disposition. As a crisis counsellor working with abused women it was important for me to remain stress-free and emotionally steady.

The weeks to follow only confirmed my new found love and appreciation for chiropractic care. The holistic approach to treatment, informed decision-making and genuine care of my provider really resonated with me as I felt like an equal participant in my wellness recovery. The physical and psychological benefits have been tremendous, particularly with the continuous use of The Webster Technique. I am confident that my chiropractic care will be a fundamental ingredient in the safe and speedy birth of my first child.

Today, I look forward to continuing my post-natal care and introducing my precious addition to the wonderful world of chiropractic.

- Dragana C.

Experienced a greatly reduced stress level

In addition to being practically pain free, I was able to, through chiropractic care and the creation of new lifestyle habits, lose weight, gain muscle tone, increase my energy, get loose from the grip of sugar, greater body awareness, and rediscover sports… and stop the antidepressants!! Show More

I've also experienced a greatly reduced stress level. I have way more focus, the energy to play with my kids and expanded career opportunities. I'm not mindlessly and painfully sleep walking through life! I feel like I've been given a new lease on life! And I have everyone at Hands on Health to thank - so thanks guys!

- Marianne W.

Long lasting results

With chiropractic care, I've experienced long lasting results and exceptional relief in my neck. I have an improved overall ability, outlook, and attitude due to pain relief. Hands on Health have also provided excellent recommendations on nutrition and maintenance at home that really work!

- Katherine K.

Improved Flexibility

Since beginning chiropractic care, I've noticed improved flexibility. I tend to be in a better mood when lacking pain. Dr. Matt has always been pleasant and professional. The results have been excellent.

- Chuck M.

Knee pain disappeared!

After a few adjustments, my knee pain disappeared in one knee and nearly disappeared in the other. I've also gained more information on health, exercise, and nutrition.

- Renee K.

One of the best things I have done

I was very hesitant and skeptical in the beginning. But the pressure on the nerves in my neck has abated and I can carry on without much discomfort at all. I can be active again and not grumpy due to the chronic pain. Going to Hands on Health has been one of the best things I have done. I am a believer.

- Peter A.

Much happier now

I can feel my back again!! I'm much happier now. I have also noticed a change in my skin problems. I've enjoyed my care and Dr. Matt and Dr. Stacey are great doctors and now friends!

- Sonja

Improves immune system

I was initially nervous about chiropractic treatment, as doctors deter you from it. Since beginning chiropractic care, however, I have no back pain, am able to participate in more activities, am much happier, and have an improved immune system and overall function. Dr. Stacey and Dr. Matt are very approachable and there's a friendly/family atmosphere in the office.

- Sav N.

They promote a healthy lifestyle

As a student, long hours of sitting, reading and typing make up most of my days. Years of bending over my computer and not allowing all my muscles to exercise properly resulted in serious back pains. I thought that this was normal, that back pain was something I just had to deal with since everyone seemed to have regular aches and pains in their back. However, when the pain started to increase and last longer I knew that I had to do something. Alongside these issues was my own fear of doctors and misconceptions of what chiropractic care involved. All this held me back from pursuing back care.Show More

After bringing all my questions, concerns and back pains to Hands on Health Family Chiropractic, Dr. Gallo was able to identify key problem areas in my back and provide pain relieving treatment while also teaching me how to strengthen and improve my health everyday. The time Dr. Gallo has spent with me adjusting my back and my health has given me great healing and a great knowledge of the complex, interconnected human body.

Not only do the doctors at Hands on Health Family Chiropractic offer effective ways to help patients feel better, they also work hard at promoting a healthy lifestyle with their patients. Even if you have a general fear towards the medical world, the doctors at Hands on Health will work with you at your pace, and only perform adjustments that you are ready for. My personal experience demonstrates this well since not only has my fear of doctors decreased but I have found my general health to improve as the strength of my back muscles grow and heal. My experience here has opened my eyes to see the great benefit and essential work of chiropractic care and I strongly recommend this care for anyone suffering from back aches and pains.

- Rachel B.

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